Why Buy PDF Books or eBooks?


PDF Books or eBooks are a digital copy of your traditional paper books. With the increasing popularity of devices such as the Kindle, Tablets (iPads, Galaxy Tabs), Smartphones and PC’s buying PDF books makes sense. Here’s some of the reasons why you should buy PDF Books versus your traditional books:

  • You can store your eBook on your digital device and carry it where ever you go and you don’t have to buy a big bookcase to store all your books. You don’t have to remember to bring the eBook with you when you travel or when you feel the urge to read an old eBook
  • Store the eBook on multiple devices
  • eBooks are the future so you might as well get use to it now
  • save the environment – every paper book printed kills trees
  • As an author, distributing an eBook is much faster than a paper book. You don’t have to ship your goods to another country. The buyer just needs to download the eBook and they can read it straight away
  • eBooks don’t wear out over time and get damaged. If you have kids, they won’t write all over your eBooks.
  • Privacy – you can read an eBook in public and people won’t know what you’re reading. You will not get looks if you read Fifty Shades of Grey on the train… especially if your a male :)
  • You can buy the eBook at any time and any where as long as you have Internet access and they will never run out of stock
  • You can tag, comment, bookmark pages without causing damage to the eBook
  • They are cheaper! You will be able to read multiple titles with the money you save from buying paper books
  • You can change the size of the font with an eBook and make your experience more personalised
  • You can quickly search for specific text or terms in an eBook
  • eBook readers are much lighter than books – especially textbooks with had covers. Kids won’t have to carry big bags with heavy books. :)
  • You can easily search for an old eBook on a reader compared than physically going through many boxes in your garage

In summary, PDF Books or eBooks will become part of your lifestyle and will be suited to some whilst not for others.

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