What is a PDF file?


PDF stands for Portable Document Format and has been used for many years to convert a document, spreadsheet, picture to an open standard document. This format was originally created by Adobe (yes the same company that makes Photoshop, Premier etc) and many of us have installed and have used Adobe Acrobat. I’ve personally used Adobe Acrobat since the mid  1990 but I can’t recall what document I opened. I’ve pretty much used Adobe Acrobat to open all PDF files on my Personal Computer but on my smartphone (Galaxy S2), there are built in apps that allows me to open PDF files so I don’t have to install Adobe Acrobat. There are also now different types of viewers that you can install and use to open PDF files.

PDF files now make it easier for buying and downloading eBooks.I’m sure you’ve seen this, the Adobe PDF Icon:


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